Nov 4, 2009


I signed into myspace for the first time in a long time

and i had a bunch of messages

"Hey sweetie, add me"

"Lookin hot, we should talk sometime"

and so on and so forth.

But there is just one that is so good i have to share it with the world.

Title: Please Endeavor to Reply

Hi ya, I enjoyed going through ya profile. Its very interesting u know....I wanna know you better....I like making my friends happy....There is this saying that whatever you give to a woman she multiply it and give it to you double....Example give her money...she give you a palatable meal....Give her a warm smile...she give you happiness at home....Give her sperm...She give you a lovely kid.....Cheerio pretty...

He was from Nigeria though, so maybe this is an acceptable pick up line.

 And i thought the worst pick up line i've ever gotten was:
"I'd like to gang bang you, without the gang."

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