Mar 27, 2010


I really have to stop using the phrase
                        "Turned up to 11".

Half the people I say it to don't understand the reference

                       And the other half are surprised I even know the reference-

makes for some very awkward chuckles.


So I've slacked.

                             A bit.

Ok. A lot.

                          But I missed you.
Quite a bit.

 So here are 6 impossible things before breakfast.

1. True love.
             Impossible... but it totally exists
2. Zombies
             There's a survival guide for a reason
3. Aliens
              Really? Only One planet in the infinity of space has life on it? Fat chance.
4. The world on the other side of your dryer where the socks disappear to
               If it doesn't exist.... where the hell are all of my socks?
5. The guy in the romantic comedy
               Where did the idea of this character come from? Write what you know. Apparently everyone who
                writes romantic comedies knows this one guy. He must be very popular.
6. Immortality
                Become famous. You'll live forever.